• establishment/formation of new legal entities (partnerships and capital companies, foundations and associations, formation of business activity), corporate branches and representative offices; assistance in choosing the most suitable form of business activity;
  • ongoing corporate legal services, including such matters as providing legal assistance for the company governing bodies (management boards, supervisory boards, shareholders’ meetings), drafting projects of resolutions and corporate internal regulations; assistance in transfer of shares; pledge in shares, redemption of shares, capital increase and decrease; amendments to the articles of association;
  • representing companies in registration proceedings;
  • representing shareholders at shareholders’ meetings and general meetings;
  • legal analysis of parties of transaction – both buyers and sellers, as well as analysis of conformity of company’s activities and its internal regulations with provisions of company law (compliance);
  • legal advisory related to running family business, in particular assistance in selecting the optimal form of business activity and planning reorganization due to the entrepreneur’s development, day-to-day legal advice in business matters, transformation of legal form of the enterprise, securing business continuity and assistance in preparing succession plan in order to safeguard business continuity and stability;
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